DoingGood Events creates and produces events which do good in the communities our events are held.

From car events to silent discos, our events provide funds to small community-based 501c3 nonprofit organizations.


About Us

Party for a Purpose, BE the Difference! 

From our creative process to our event implementation, charity is in our DNA.

Our Philosophy: Global causes are important, and deserve support. However, helping locally does not just impact the cause, it impacts real lives in real-time.

Through experiential marketing and engagement with nonprofits through cause-marketing, on a local level, brands and companies can gain market share and improve their bottom line by increasing their public image, public awareness, and public engagement by providing a hand-up and not a handout.

Our Mission: We are dedicated to promoting community giving to individuals, brands, and companies on a local level and elevating public engagement and awareness of those 501c3 nonprofit organizations making a difference in the cities and surrounding communities that host our events through fun, unique, and engaging event experiences.

Suitcase Party

Bring a Bag Packed! Party for a Purpose!

Thanksgiving is over, it is time to get away from your family and come party with us! AND for 4 of you, you will FLAY FAR, FAR AWAY!

The Suitcase Party is a fun and unique event where people come to a Hangar Party with a bag packed. Once your bag is checked you will receive a boarding pass. You then proceed to a fun and engaging charity event with an open bar, food, and entertainment. An hour before the event ends, a number is drawn, and if that is the number on your boarding pass you and a guest grab your bags and get on a private jet just outside the hangar and fly away for an all-expenses-paid trip for the remainder of the weekend. 

Ridiculous Poker Run

Let’s Get RIDICULOUS and Make A Difference!

The Ridiculous Poker Run holds exotic car poker runs throughout the United States. These events take the Driver and “Navigator” on a wild ride, picking up playing cards along the route, and at the end, the team with the best poker hand wins! 

Why do we call it the “Ridiculous Poker Run”? Because, unlike other poker runs, with ours, the team or a member of the team will have to do a ridiculous activity in order to receive their playing card. And, they can earn an additional playing card if they win the individual activity. 

All our events are family-friendly (age minimums apply to specific activities) and all-inclusive, from food to the ridiculous activities, and also include presenting a check to a worthy small and local 501(c)(3) nonprofit in each of the cities we stop in along our route! 

Silent Disco

For the South Florida area, DoingGood Events launches the DoingGood Events Silent Disco.

Our silent disco provides a musical experience that is customized by each individual at the event. We provide our silent disco headphones, two DJ’s, and a running playlist for most of our events. Our silent disco is ideal for rooftops, events along the water, or events in residential areas which have sound ordinances.

All headphones are cleaned and charged before each use.

We love silent discos and we know you will too!

Special pricing and preference to 501c3 charities interested in our services.