Terms & Conditions for Participation in Ridiculous Poker Run Club

Organized by DoingGood Events, Effective: 12/18/2023

1. Acceptance of Terms

    By participating in the Ridiculous Poker Run Club events, you (the “Participant”) agree to these Terms and Conditions set forth by DoingGood Events (“Organizer”).

2. Event Description and Participant Eligibility

  • The Ridiculous Poker Run Club events comprise various themed activities.
  • Drivers must be at least 25 years old. There are no age restrictions for other participants.
  • Participants must assess their own health conditions for suitability in participating in driving and event activities.

3. Legal Compliance

  • Participants must comply with all traffic and legal regulations in the jurisdictions where events are held.
  • Waivers must be signed before each event and activity.

4. Insurance and Liability

  • DoingGood Events holds standard and special liability insurance.
  • All drivers must have full coverage vehicle insurance, including passenger coverage.

5. Safety Measures

  • Each activity is managed by an independent vendor, and participants must comply with their safety requirements.
  • Emergency services are available through standard emergency channels (911).

6. Participant Requirements

  • Paid Membership ($6,000)
  • Paid Event Entry (Price Varies)
  • Valid vehicle documentation and current insurance must be submitted for each event.
  • Non-compliant participants will not receive refunds for event or membership fees.

7. Prize Information

    The Organizer will provide details about prizes as appropriate for each event.

8. Data Protection and Privacy

  • Participant data is confidential and not sold or leased to third parties.
  • A privacy policy will be implemented and made available to participants.

9. Code of Conduct

  • Participants must adhere to all applicable laws and conduct standards.
  • Abusive behavior will lead to immediate event termination and possibly membership termination.
  • Membership may convene to discuss actions taken by the Organizer against a member.

10. Cancellation and Alteration Policy

  • Events will proceed rain or shine, with alternate dates for severe conditions.
  • Substitution is the primary solution for participant unavailability.
  • Exceptions to the no-refund policy may apply in cases of date changes and qualifying life events.

11. Dispute Resolution

  • All disputes will be subject to the jurisdiction of the State of Florida.
  • Details regarding arbitration and mediation will be provided as necessary.

12. Intellectual Property and Media

  • Use of the Organizer’s brand, logo, or imagery requires written approval.
  • Participants may engage in photography and media coverage; restrictions apply to guests.