Silent Fitness is one of our passions! Let’s collaborate and elevate fitness with silence. And don’t miss our Yoga Bliss Bashes!


Do you have a great outdoor backyard or space and are looking to host a movie night? We will bring the projector and headsets!


Whether it’s a charity fundraiser, small business holiday party, or corporate promotion, elevate it with silent disco.

Silent Night? Not Quite!

Launching in 2024, on the Treasure Coast, DoingGood Events brings Silent Disco Experiences like you haven’t seen before!

What is Silent Disco?

Personalized Entertainment Connecting People

Silent Disco is all about the headsets. The headsets are provided to attendees and each headset gives each attendee control over their listening experience. Our headsets bring in sound by radio frequency. Although not digital, the benefits of RF communication is that it travels a long way and through walls, so the listening experience has a greater range from the music source to the headset. It also gives us the opportunity to have three sources of sound! Our silent disco allows individuals to customize their own listening experience, having them choose their own volume and source of sound. And if they chose wrong, they just select a different sound source!

Silent Disco Fitness

Enhancing Fitness, Mental Health & Community

Coming in 2024 we are launching DoingGood Events Silent Disco Fitness. Dedicated to connecting people to their fitness, health, spirit, and community, beginning with our Silent Disco Yoga Sessions and building as we launch our Yoga Bliss Bashes along the Treasure Coast down to South Florida, DoingGood Events will provide opportunities for individuals to connect with their health and others in new and fun ways!

Not So Silent Movies 

Not Your Parents Silent Movies

Silent Disco headsets are a versatile solution for outdoor movie screenings, especially in urban or residential areas where noise ordinances might be a concern. Using these headsets for group movies allows audiences to enjoy the audio without disturbing the surrounding environment.

Become part of the experience!