What is Silent Sound Yoga?

Enjoy a unique and fun yoga experience everytime!

Silent Sound Yoga uses silent disco technology to to create fun and unique experiences!

It isn’t just replacing speakers for headphones. DoingGood Events uses the headphones to create an personally immersive experience while also creating community through the shared experience of everyone hearing the same sounds, instructions, and music. 

From Silent Sound Yoga sessions to our Silent Sound Yoga Bliss Bash event, we are dedicated to creating something impactful and fun! 

Studio Takeovers

 and Collaborations 
drives what we do.

Our Studio Takeovers are designed to elevate your yoga offerings with our Silent Sound Yoga sessions, where personal immersion meets communal energy. Our sessions are designed for all levels, offering a unique space to enhance your practice in an energizing atmosphere.

We offer your studio members a personalized session with clear instruction, increasing focus and alignment and control over attendees volume, increasing their personal comfort, as well as energizing the session with unique sound experiences which can only be heard through headsets immersing attendees in sound in their journey with our sessions. 

Join us and transform your practice into a journey of self-discovery and communal harmony.

We are also looking for studios to collaborate with for our Silent Sound Yoga Bliss Bashes, where mutual benefit and community are omnipotent. 


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our attendees say:


“This is the only way I want to do yoga now.”


“Great yoga and amazing with the music in my head and no distractions.”


“The energy was infectious…so glad I gave it a try.”


“I heard every instructions for the first time since beginning yoga.”

Become part of the experience!