Join the Club and Let’s Get RIDICULOUS!



Ridiculous Poker Run: Exclusive Exotic Car Club with a Heart for Charity in Florida

Join an Elite Community of Exotic Car Enthusiasts for Thrilling Adventures and Charitable Giving

Welcome to the Ridiculous Poker Run, where the luxury of exotic cars and the spirit of competition are matched by a commitment to making a difference. As a member of this exclusive group, you’ll not only indulge in the excitement of unique poker run challenges but also contribute to noble causes.

What Makes the Ridiculous Poker Run Unique?

Imagine cruising through Florida’s breathtaking vistas in your Lamborghini, McLaren, Porsche, Ferrari, or the like (or better). Your objective: collect poker cards from various locations, but there’s a catch. Before each card, you and/or your teammate will need to partake in a “ridiculous” activity that could range from hilarious dancing to awe-inspiring yet challenging helicopter rides and beyond.

Exclusive Membership: Ridiculous Fun for a Cause

  • Limited to 25 Members: Ensuring exclusivity and a close-knit community to TRULY make a difference! 

  • Five Themed Poker Runs Annually: Each event is a blend of adventure, competition, and camaraderie.

  • All-Inclusive Events: Events are transparently priced at cost + 10%, excluding obvious things like, but not limited to, gas and tickets! 

  • Generous Cash Prizes and More: Win cash prizes, flaunt custom vehicle graphics, and cherish personalized keepsakes.

  • Charity at the Core: $1,600 from each membership goes into a charity pool, totaling $40,000 annually. These funds are distributed to small, deserving local charities in the cities hosting our poker runs. Your participation directly supports communities, adding a fulfilling dimension to every poker run.

  • Bonus Benefits: Complimentary tickets and/or discounts are included for all DGE events including the Suitcase Party! 

Be Part of Something Bigger

This group is for exotic car owners who seek not just an exclusive rally experience but also a way to give back. We’re redefining the rally experience by combining the thrill of competition with the heart of philanthropy.

2024 Membership – A Journey Begins in February

Ready to join a community where your passion for exotic cars meets your desire to make a difference? Sign up for a membership today and be part of our first event in February 2024. Your “ridiculous” adventure on the road will fuel impactful contributions to local communities.

Embrace the Ridiculous Poker Run – where every mile driven is a step towards supporting local charities.