Silent Disco

For the South Florida area, DoingGood Events launches the DoingGood Events Silent Disco.

Our silent disco allows individuals to customize their own listening experience at your event or venue. Our silent disco is ideal for large venues, rooftops, outdoor, and other events along the water, or events in residential areas which have sound ordinances.

Special Pricing:

Bars and restaurants: If you are interested in hosting monthly or weekly silent discos at your venue, please submit an inquiry below. 

Nonprofits: If you are interested in having us at one of your fundraisers, please submit an inquiry below.

Our fitness service allows instructors to run background music of their choosing (we can provide sounds as well) as well as speak via a lavalier microphone to all headsets. Especially good for groups larger than 20 people, outdoors, and/or instructors who have a low speaking voice. 

We have DJ’s for all types of music. And specifically for fitness sessions, we can offer soundbath sounds and/or music to run in the background of the instructor. 

We love silent discos and we know you will too!

All headphones are cleaned and charged before each use.